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When you talk about topaz, most people presume it to be a shade of blue topaz. White topaz gemstones do not have a significant presence in the gems and jewelry markets. This has led to a situation where many gem and jewelry lovers have never owned or even seen a white topaz gemstone, or a jewelry with white topaz gems. Our support experts are often asked whether white topaz is natural. Another commonly received query regarding white topaz stones is whether the color of white topaz gems is natural. It is not uncommon for us to get questions asking whether, blue topaz is treated to get white topaz gemstones.

The fact is that, more than 80% of the topaz gems and topaz gemstone jewelry that is manufactured consists of topaz gems with colors other than white. At the same time another truth is that more than 90% of the topaz gem stone rough that is mined, is white in color. Blue topaz gems which are the most popular color for topaz used in the industry are, actually white topaz gemstones treated for color change.

Directstones can provide white topaz gems and all other gems in the size, shape and quantity that you require. You can purchase just the loose white topaz gems or request for a complete gold or 925 silver jewel with white topaz gems to be crafted for you. White topaz gems can be had in eye clean quality even in large sizes. Since we custom cut all the white topaz gems that we sell as loose gems and also use in our custom jewelry orders, fancy shapes and fancy cutting styles can also be provided.

White Topaz Gems: Loose custom cut white topaz gems, all sizes and shapes. All order sizes welcome ... more. White Topaz Color: The color of white topaz gems is natural, heat treatment is sometimes used for this stone ... more. Mens White Topaz Ring: A handsome mens topaz ring with white topaz gemstone. In gold or 925 silver ... more.

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